About Ground Level Consulting

Ground Level seedling
Our consultants help you nurture your business so it can grow strong and profitable.

Since 2002, Ground Level Consulting has helped numerous small businesses thrive in southern California and the western U.S. region. Owner Christina L. Suter gained experience by starting and selling several successful small businesses of her own over 20 years before she decided to share her expertise with other business owners.

Our small business consulting clients range from sole practitioners working from home to established companies with retail locations and a staff. Whatever your size and industry, the foundational principles and dynamics of business remain the same. Ground Level can help you increase your profits, reduce your hours of management, implement integrity and quality standards within the company and improve customer service, as well as other vital enhancements that smooth out your business operations and upgrade your performance.

What's more, we also offer personal financial coaching for individuals and highly qualified real estate management services, from portfolio analysis and management to one-on-one investment mentoring.