“Ask Christina First” Weekly Business Finance Radio Program

Since 2011, Christina has hosted online radio show that airs weekly on the popular Amazing Women of Power Talk 24.7 Radio Network at www.awoptalk247.com.

Ask Christina First about
Finance, Business & Careers —
Airs Thurs. 8:00am & 2:00pm PST

In this half-hour show, entrepreneurs get the straight talk on what makes small business work, from an experienced consultant who knows firsthand how to solve problems. With more than 10 years as a small business coach and owner of Ground Level Consulting, Christina provides tips about small business management skills, interviews special guest speakers on a variety of business topics and shares her wisdom in a question-and-answer segment, drawing from a combination of e-mailed and live questions about day-to-day business issues.

By tuning in regularly, Christina hopes you will become a more knowledgeable, smarter and more relaxed small business owner. She will help listeners understand what can be changed, what can’t be changed and what not to change in their business. You will also learn ways to bring peace of mind to your leadership role and balance to your life.

So, before you make an important business decision…Ask Christina First! And move your business beyond surviving to thriving.


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