Our Philosophy

Ground Level Consulting's Values are 
Embodied in Our Name and Logo

Why "Ground Level"?

The name of Ground Level Consulting was inspired by how important it is to 
give your business a solid foundation in order to grow and succeed. Without 
a strong foundation at the ground level, you cannot build anything that is 
designed to last. That's why our consultants always focus on strengthening 
the core fundamentals of your business before we do anything else.

What Does the Tree Symbolize?

Ground Level logo

 Like the rings inside of its trunk, the sturdy tree in our logo contains several layers of meaning. As a whole, the tree represents the life force of a small business. The leaves and branches are symbols of the outer workings of a business that we can readily see, such as its offices, storefronts, products and services.

Not typically visible are the inner aspects of a company--the owner, managers, staff and all the support systems--represented here by the extensive root system. These roots provide the essence of life, and without them, the tree cannot produce or even function. Thus, they are powerfully important to the company and need to be as vast, deep and wide as the canopy. Directly from the roots spring the trunk, which is the backbone that connects the inner and outer workings of the business.

The Heart at the Center

You may notice the bright red heart at the very center of our logo, where the roots meet the tree trunk. This is a symbol of Ground Level Consulting's commitment to do everything that we do with heart, and to communicate from the heart with our clients. Which means honoring your process and respecting your choices in a non-judgmental manner as we work together. Most small businesses are a fulfillment of the owner's dreams. Discussing money and your business goals with a third party can be a very personal, intimate act.

The heart also speaks to your willingness to be the leader that every small business requires. Some days it is exceptionally challenging to choose the best path for the company, the owner and the employees. It is not easy to make the hard choices that may not be welcomed by everyone. Yet as the owner, you are the one who primarily decides what the business is, its mission, how it is run, who to hire and fire, and what levels of integrity, ethics and standards the company holds. All of these come from the heart of your personal inner convictions, beliefs, desires and vision.

The Essence of Our Work

With all this in mind, Ground Level Consulting's specialty is helping you learn how to track, understand and support the innerconnection of your company's foundation, roots and branches with heart. When you know how all these systems work together, and how the less visible parts affect the whole, then you can have a vibrant, alive business that is thriving and producing in the outer world.