Personal Financial Coaching for the Pasadena and Los Angeles area

Whether you are in debt, want to protect your net worth or are simply interested in getting good value out of the money you spend, a personal financial coach from Ground Level Consulting can work with you closely to help achieve your goals. Together, we will help you identify your current spending habits, determine what motivates you to spend and create good spending habits to create the lifestyle you want with integrity.

Personal Financial Coaching

The initial meeting with your Ground Level financial coach will cover:

  • Review of current finances
  • Review and creation of short- and long-term financial goals
  • Action plan to pay down debt
  • Action plan to protect current net worth
  • Creation of spending plan to meet goals and support lifestyle
  • Retirement planning

Weekly progress meetings will include:

  • Review of actual spending
  • Review of spending plan targets
  • Discussion of spending motivations   
  • Review and reconciliation of all statements
  • Coaching on how to use financial management tools (paper, Excel®, Quicken®)
  • Create and fine-tune personal action plan to support spending goals and lifestyle