"Christina Suter calls herself a business consultant, but I like to call her 'coach.'  A consultant always seemed to me like someone who comes in to hand you their advice and then leaves. The way Christina shows up, it's really more like she's down there on the field with me, pointing out possibilities from the playbook, while she cheers me toward the goals she helped me clarify. 

"The vision of success that she helped me see was not one formed around bottom lines and profit margins, but one of using my business to support me in my unfolding as a complete, healthy, joyful woman. The financial details are certainly crucial, and while Christina was clear and pragmatic in strategizing with numbers, she also provided incredible nurturing and adept support in clearing out old psychological debris that has held me back in the past. She is the only person I've ever had fully validate my dreams, and give me not only permission, but a means, to craft my life around them.

"I've never felt so seen, so understood, and so capable of succeeding, as I do since I started working with Christina."

Heidi Neilson
Founder & Senior Trainer
Freedom in Motion