Business Systems Overview

By Christina Suter on Jun 10, 2017 at 04:03 PM in Business Issues
Business Systems Overview

Business Systems

I previously covered the 9 elements of business, and this post specifically will discuss what are your business systems. You created your systems when you started with the idea that you were going to run a business and the assumption that things needed to be done a certain way. IF you're a plumber who worked for a company and you didn't like the way they installed the pipes or how they handled customer service, you took your assumptions about how it should be done and you incorporate it in your business now. A plumber may not think he or she has a system, but of course, they do, how else could they get the right pipes off the city line, through the house and U-traps and back out correctly. How you talk to customers, how you write up estimates, how you start the work, which fixtures you use, etc is all your system based on your assumptions. 

Your business doesn't have to run you. The systems run (guide) your day, so you want to run them, not let your systems run you. Your accounting system, your hiring process, vendors you work with all are systems within your business. People who come to me saying that their business eats up their day and energy fail to understand that they can reconstruct their business around their needs and values. If you're missing out on family events, change your system to fit your needs. If you're available all day until 9 pm and your kids want your attention at 5:30 you need to replace that system, don't create a vacuum. Starting at 5 pm, have an answering service field your calls and a 'for emergencies only' text agreement with people who need to get in touch with you. 

Level 1
Basic Systems
Customer Service

Level 2 

Level 3
Trends & Forecasting
Vision & Strategic Plans

1. What do you say to yourself that makes you have to do your business the way you currently are? 

2. What do your systems allow you to do? Next to each system, write down whether it works or not and those that don't commit to fixing them. The ones you have to fix or replace, think about why you do it if it isn't working.