Raven Blair Davis Interviews Christina Suter

By Christina Suter on Aug 05, 2017 at 06:32 AM in Business Issues
Raven Blair Davis Interviews Christina Suter

As you may know, I host an online radio show on the Amazing Women of Power radio network. My show, the Ask Christina First Radio show airs every Thursday at 8 am and 2 pm PT. The founder of the Amazing Women of Power Radio Station is one of my mentors, Raven Blair Davis. Raven, AKA “The Talk Show Maven,” is an award-winning talk show host, celebrity interviewer, columnist, speaker, author and executive producer of multiple radio shows, live, on air and on the Internet. In 2008, she was named Universal 7 Radio Network’s “Talk Show Host of the Year.” Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Raven currently resides in Houston, Texas where her mission is to inspire women, home-based entrepreneurs, and others to fulfill their own life purpose as she has done for herself.

Below is a recap of Raven interviewing me

Raven asked me about where my passion for helping business owners and small business owners came from. 

I told her I have a Bachelor's in Business and my first job was for a teacher I had who needed marketing work done. A few years later I'd started running a small-space business where I rented the space out to spiritually-minded teachers who needed to use the space. That led me to small business consulting because I was already consulting for about 90 small business owners who weren't business-minded. Our conversations about cash flow, marketing, etc and I made it my business model and have been in the field for over 17 years now. Since I was 17 I had been investing in real estate assets when my mom gave me her house when her health began to decline. In 2007 when the stock market froze and real estate tanked I started consulting real estate investors because so many people were trying to keep millions of dollars of assets afloat. 

One of the live listeners of the show commented and said that it seemed like every 7 years the real estate cycle took a hit and I responded and told her that yes it does. Aside from the last cycle, which was 15 years long, every 7-10 years real estate dips. I defined what a real estate investment advisor is similar to being a financial advisor where I meet with clients and ask them what they're starting with, where do they want to go, and what kind of life they want to having during. From flippers to passive investors you must be clear on what you want and what you can handle in your life. I consult on how you craft a portfolio that gets you to your goal the way you want to get there.

The two top keys for crafting a great portfolio is 1, knowing your risk tolerance. Risk tolerance is knowing what you're willing to do and not violating it. If I'm presented a deal that sounds too good to be true I have to give a firm no and move on. The 2nd is education, education, education from real estate meetings, YouTube, networking events, classes/courses, get educated on specific, niche sections of real estate so you can make well-informed decisions. 

Raven asked me what people who come to meet with me need to know and do in order to be prepared for their first session with me.

I told her people should know that my primary focus when we first meet is to make sure we're a good fit. I need them to be honest with where their problem is and what areas are in need of help. We start with analyzing the business and how to get the owners greater peace, confidence, and control their business. 

Raven pointed out that a lot of small business owners have a sickness that is they spend so much time 'getting ready to get ready'. She asked how to help small business owners to get past that.

I shared that I trick myself into getting things done by putting it on my schedule, set aside the time to do it, and then the night before that time arrives I write out what I need to do. When the time comes, I put a do-not-disturb sign on the door and I get it done. Something I have to tell myself often that I encourage small business owners to repeat to themselves is,


There's a reason I've procrastinated on that specific thing and it's probably some fear about it that comes with it. So I tell myself to be brave and I do the hardest thing first when I'm feeling bravest. I also say a quick prayer and ask for direction and guidance because I don't want to force anything and I don't want to make someone move who isn't ready. 

Raven always says, "Show Up, Step Up, and Grow Up" and I use that motto often because that's what it takes. I also journal what I'm afraid of and I write until all the fear is on the page and then I can see it and break it down and make a difference. 

We did a rapid fire round of questions to end the interview and below are the questions asked my listeners and my responses:

Q: How are you different from other real estate or business advisors?
A: I'm a fee-based advisor which means the only person who's paying me is my client. If I recommend or suggest something it's because I want them to succeed. I don't make a percentage off anything I recommend they do. I bring my experience, my education and my desire to make a difference in the world.

Q: What are the potential end results for your clients?
A: There was a lady who sold chocolates she made to high-end boutiques and the end result of her meeting with me was she closed her business. She closed because the chocolate business didn't fulfill her purpose. I helped her get clear on her vision and how to make it real from the top, down.