Systems Overview Pt. 2

By Christina Suter on Sep 09, 2017 at 09:31 AM in Business Issues
Systems Overview Pt. 2

Peace, abundance, and transformation are what I believe is my purpose. I record my weekly radio show because I believe there are small business owners and entrepreneurs out there whose business helps keep them on purpose. Part of working in your business is taking a detailed look at the systems in your business. Years ago I had a client who was recording her therapy sessions to her clients after each client. You and I both know time is a major asset and non-renewable source and when I was able to show her the system she had in place for mailing cassettes (yes, this was that long ago) she realized she was hindering her ability to work with more clients. 

Tracking your business helps you be in tune with the gut feelings you have when things are off. 


Do you run a social media campaign? Social media is about developing a community and to do that you have to post consistently and you have to post things that are of value to the people who choose to follow you. You develop connections with people you don't know and you don't know how you're touching them, but they look forward to your work. I will admit I'm not the best at remaining consistent with social media, but I am constantly trying to improve. The social media systems I currently have in place involve Twitter Tuesday, Facebook, the Ask Christina First Radio Show that airs on Thursdays and the blog posts found here that are posted on Saturdays.

My strength has always been in talking, and because I'm good at talking and enjoy networking, I spend most of my time speaking face-to-face with people. I attend a networking event a couple times per month and I make sure I speak with five people at each event. My systems around my networking are a large part of my success.

Do you have a networking system? Do you keep track of who you met and whom you want to meet? How about marketing, do people know you exist and are you actively and consistently getting the word out about your business?


Make sure you're looking at your P&L statements every month. if you don't like doing books, have your bookkeeper send it to you every month and go over it thoroughly. A lack of money management and marketing are two sure ways to tank your business. Managing and understanding your payroll is also part of your business success.


As the leader of your own business, you want to have a schedule of how often you review your business, your employees, projects, and make sure all things are still working for you. Review your strategic plan and vision; track your tracking. Leadership is about personal growth and you learning whom and when to lean on other people who can help you excel.