Your Business Branding and Marketing

By Christina Suter on Feb 10, 2018 at 09:11 AM in Business Issues
Your Business Branding and Marketing

I want to focus on brand and what's different from brand and marketing. Many of us don't like sales but we know how important sales are to your business. Branding differs from sales in that branding is the image you put out into the world. I use Coca-Cola all the time because they're an international brand that is easily recognizable. Every year Coca-Cola spends millions on commercials and because of their branding and marketing people young and old know their product and recognize their logo.

Branding is being done whether you're aware of it or not, so why not intentionally do it? Branding is the identity, logo, culture, and what you promise particular clients. Advertising is the marketing vehicle used to get that brand seen and known to potential customers. A brand is a unique name and image created for a product in a consumer's mind. 

Your brand is born out of your vision.

Whether you decided you were going to offer the best chocolate in the world or the most beautiful candles, that decision determined the integrity of your brand. McDonald's branding is loud, visible, low-cost, and consistent taste. If you offer low-cost, affordable products that serve your clients, your brand is closer to McDonald's and there's nothing wrong with that. Lamborghini has very few stores, few cars, their dealerships are comfortable and inviting, they want you to stay longer and spend a lot of money. If you offer the best, high-quality service at a high price point, your branding is that of Lamborghini. Know where your business lies on the spectrum of branding. 

How do you implement branding in your company? Write down how your brand is implemented at each level.

Level 1

-Customer Service

Level 2


Level 3

-Trends & Forecasting

Marketing involves your entire sales process. What does your website look like? What does it promise people? Is the brand spoken clearly on the website? People see you on your website and through social media. Is the branding across all platforms consistent and appropriate for your brand? 

Is your sales process quick? Is your product or service purchased over the phone, in person, or online? If you offer a low-cost product, the sales process shouldn't take longer than a few minutes. Your sales process should match the level of your product or service. Look through your P&L statement and ensure your marketing dollars are being spent well and your associates are being paid appropriately.

You dictate your brand. Your leadership should help your employees move your brand along. Go back to your original business vision and make sure your brand represents the vision you have for your business.