Be An Expert In Your Field

By Christina Suter on Aug 04, 2018 at 12:00 AM in Business Issues
Be An Expert In Your Field

I am passionate about making other people's lives better and I do that by running my business, which is helping others manage their small business. I want to speak to you, the small business owner and encourage you to be an expert in your field because when people view you as an expert, you are granted permission to change their lives and help them move forward in the world.

Being an expert in your field means knowledge about your field is at the ready for you. We try to make other people's world better in some way and being an expert makes you visible and accountable and it will help draw clients to you. Being an expert in your field is the embodiment of being "the light." Don't hide behind the fact that you're knowledgeable, share your light, give to others, be recognized. 

When you create your own platform people look at you as a leader.

Create your own platform and contribute to the platforms of others. Attend networking events and introduce yourself to the facilitator and let them get to know you and what you do. Talk with other attendees and ask them questions as well as sharing what you do. If you're not a talker, create a blog. I'm more of a talker than I am a writer so I have a radio show and podcast and I use the content there to make blog posts. Along with writing your blog, comment on the blogs of other people and seek opportunities to guest blog as a way to further present yourself as an expert. Attend speaking conventions and if you're invited, speak at those conventions; if you're not invited, ask how you can become a speaker because that connects you with other leaders in your field. 

Others may be more knowledgeable and have more to contribute, but your willingness to stand up, to put yourself out there, and to share, gives you credibility, helps you keep your chops up, and people will look at you as a leader.