Two Cornerstones That Will Break Your Company

By Christina Suter on Sep 15, 2018 at 09:14 AM in Business Issues
Two Cornerstones That Will Break Your Company

What are the two elements that require your attention so your business doesn't fall apart? There are nine elements that can be divided into 3 categories within your business: Level 1- products, systems, customer service. Level 2- marketing, finance, team. Level 3- leadership, trends & forecasting, envisioning and strategic planning.

Each element serves a primary purpose in your business. The level ones are the basic core of your company. You have a product you deliver, a method by which you deliver that product, and personnel in place to facilitate the order and delivery process.

The level twos are money, marketing, and team; which is the capital needed to run your business, the act of spreading the word that your business exists, and how you manage your team.

The level threes are about balancing the physical world with the spiritual world. You chose in and created a business with a vision and that decision automatically made you the leader and as the leader, you must stay up to date with what's going on in your industry and make the plans for your business' future.

The two elements that will make or break you are marketing and money.

I am no marketing expert but I know marketing is a precursor to you having customers and to the core of your company. You may have a great product, an efficient way to deliver, and people to manage orders, but never get a customer because no one knows about them. Sharing your business via word of mouth, using social media to market for free, purchasing ad space in magazines, newspapers, and signs.

Including non-profits, if you don't have any money your business will close. For-profit and non-profit businesses must have money coming in to pay overhead, bills, and your team of employees. 

All of the nine elements are important and deserve your attention.