What Makes a Great Marketing Video?

By Christina Suter on Feb 21, 2012 at 10:00 AM in Business Issues
Here is a great example of a video marketing promotion done exactly right!

The other day I came across this marketing video online for an event producer, Choura Events, that impressed me so much, thought I would share it with my readers as an example of business promotion done right:

What I appreciate most about this video is the way it clearly and specifically answers the question, “what does your company do?”

I admire the details addressed, like how Choura warehouses and provides supplies from tents and furniture to plates and serving ware, as well as organizing and catering your party with great care. The script also discusses their mission statement and company culture: they are a fun, young and new company that infuses their customers’ events with vitality and a high level of excellence without stuffiness.

Best of all, this video showcases individual staff members, which gives the company a recognizable “face” and personality. At only three minutes long, it is both informative and enjoyable to watch, making it a very effective marketing piece as well as a strong support for their branding efforts.

Based on the reasons above, many marketing experts today claim that video is now one of the most important communications tools you can utilize, much as websites used to be before every business had one.

Do you already have a video posted on your website? If so, how effectively does it communicate your company’s message, services and mission? Can you see where it might be improved?

If you don’t have a video, I suggest that you consider creating one about your business. What copy might you include in your script? How would you describe the details of what your company does? What is your mission and what do you bring to your clients? If nothing else, answering these questions will help you clarify your marketing in general.

But even better…get busy developing your own video, or contact a multimedia production team to collaborate with you on your vision.