Your Service as Your Product

By Christina Suter on Mar 16, 2019 at 08:00 AM in Business Issues
Your Service as Your Product

If your business is a service, I want you to consider pitching and packaging your service as your product. Concretizing your service like a product helps customers and potential clients understand what you do and whether it's valuable to their life and/or business. Your service is delivered in stages and therefore can be customized and packaged as a product. 

When someone asks you what your product is, you can clearly tell them the core stages your clients pass through and name each stage with a concept of what value the client receives. Step 1- Identify the client's primary goals. Step 2- Hold a clarifying conversation to ensure the win-win. Step 3- Implementation of the project core. Step 4- Reviewing concerns or further necessary implementations. The names you give each stage help people know that your focus is on the client. The client wants to understand what you're giving them, not so much what you're doing.

Breakdown the service and sell it as a product by laying it out according to 5-7 steps customer friendly names of delivery. 

The same way Coca Cola packages their product inside of a bottle or can is so they can deliver it to their customer for consumption. The packaging includes the branding, logo, and marketing and all of that makes the product concrete. Confused minds don't purchase.

Why you should deliver your service as a clear product:

1. Your product will be more efficient to implement for yourself and your employees.

2. It's easier to go from being a sole proprietor to having employees because you'll be able to hand off the checklist and let them go.

3. You're better at offering consistent, high-grade service with built-in customer service.

4. You're more capable of understanding your cost of goods and what changes you may need to make.

Make your service concrete and sellable and the value will travel with your business to your bottom line.