Be An Expert In Your Field & Stop Hiding

By Christina Suter on Dec 07, 2019 at 07:00 AM in Business Issues
Be An Expert In Your Field & Stop Hiding

Be an expert in your field and stop hiding because it does NOT help!

As a conscious-minded or good-hearted business owner, you might hold the belief that you shouldn't promote yourself or be active in sales. You may believe that you should be humble, kind, thoughtful to people and instead give them the opportunity to speak first. During a personal growth workshop, I learned a concept called enrollment and I want to share that concept with you in this blog post.

Have you ever listened to someone who's naturally enthusiastic about what they're doing; for example, a friend of mine who takes unsold food from restaurants and grocery stores and gives it to the homeless and food banks? When he came to me, excited about the idea, he stated the problem, that as a country we throw away 60% of food, he had a solution in redistributing it in cities where it was legal to, and he was enthusiastic about solving the problem. He enrolled me because of those three factors; he wasn't trying to sell me, he wasn't trying to make me change, he was simply enrolling me in his enthusiasm. 

Are you engaged and passionate about the work you're involved in? 

Say you have an everyday job, a plumber or electrician, jobs that are vital. Can you see how valuable your job is to people? You keep people safe, happy, with running water and electricity. 

Write down what the change you believe you can make in your field is There's a reason you're an entrepreneur, a reason you left the bigger company to start your own business. Why did you answer the leadership call? What you've written down is your sales pitch. You have knowledge that other people don't have and/or don't have access to. You, therefore are an expert. Be an inspiring leader in your field. 

The bottom line is this, if you want permission to make a difference in the lives of other people, you must enroll them by being an expert. For me, I believe that being an expert in my field means I'm taking care of my piece of the planet. I'm not asking you to create world peace, I'm asking you to change your piece of the universe. Your piece might be 10 blocks, 10 miles, etc.

When people see you as an expert they see that you have the willingness to lead and you give them the opportunity to have faith in you. 

Being an expert in your filed let's people find you and finding you gives them the opportunity to trust you. Have a website, network, go to meetings, do webcasts, podcasts, etc. Be king generous and informative instead of sale-sy.

Write down what platforms your business currently exists on. On each one are you doing the following:

1. What's the transformation you're offering to your client?
2. How do you create the transformation? 
3. Who is responsible for implementing the transformation and delivering the content?

Commit to creating a community on at least one social media and networking front where you are the expert and are leading in that field. b generous with your knowledge. Give people the what to do and sell them, enroll them on the how to do it. Ask for the sale, it's ok to make money with your business.