Ask C 1st - Servant Leadership "Yea Right" or maybe Yes?

By Christina Suter on Aug 15, 2012 at 03:42 PM in Business Issues


Have you heard the term Servant Leadership? What was your first reaction? I can tell you mine. It was “Yea right.” These people clearly have never had that hard day that goes on forever. From the first phone call at 6am with an employee calling in sick tell 7pm when you lock the door and can finally trudge to the office to do the work you actually thought you would get to do.” So basically it is nice concept but let’s stick with reality can we.

In "The Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make" Hanz Finzel walks us through what he calls "Servant Leadership" and Christina walks us through why this is even worth our time.

Listen in this week; Thursday, August 16th at 8am or 2pm PST for Part 1  (More details.)