Ask C 1st - Servant Leadership "Yea Right" or maybe Yes? Part 3

By Christina Suter on Sep 10, 2012 at 04:40 PM in Business Issues
In "The Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make" Hanz Finzel walks us through what he calls "Servant Leadership" and Christina walks us through why this is even worth our time. (Part 3)


"Have you heard the term Servant Leadership? What was your first reaction? I can tell you mine. It was Yea right.” This was Christina's first reaction to Hanz Finzels book on Servant Leadership. Christina this week will change you to consider what kind of leader are you, To Allowing, a Mico-Manger or Shot Gun. Also what can you do about. Each style can work but each one has its limitations. She will also finish her review of the Hanz Finzel book "The Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make".

Listen in this week Thursday, September 13th at 8am or 2pm PST for part 3 (More details.)