Having a Clear Product

By Christina Suter on May 10, 2014 at 09:50 PM in Business Issues

Identifying your product and being able to clearly tell others your product is and how they will benefit from you benefits you the business owner and your clients.

For me, as a small business management consultant, my product is my 7-point system that is an overview to help improve and refine their business. What I sell is peace and confidence in their business, the steps are the 7-point system, and the industry is small business management consulting.

Beyond your title and industry, do you have a complete understanding of what you deliver, how you deliver it, and how your clients get or receive it? Have you defined your product?

Having a Clear Product

If you have yet to clearly define your product, write down and define the process through which you take your clients, even if every client needs something different and doesn’t need everything you have to offer. Take each piece of what you’ve written and write out what modules or support systems you can create to help your clients. Write out what you look for and need from clients; that will create for you, the product you’re selling and the system you use to deliver your product. What is the end result, why do you do each piece of the process, and why is it important to your client? What value do they receive from the way you implement your product? What are the words your clients have used to describe what they need help with? Knowing your clients’ pain can help you define your product in relationship to their pain.

Clearly define your product and focus clients on what they will get.