Social Media Guru Jesse Dougherty

By Christina Suter on Jun 21, 2014 at 11:01 AM in Business Issues

Social Media Guru Jesse Dougherty

This week, on the Ask Christina First radio show I had the awesome opportunity to speak with Mr. Jesse Dougherty. Jesse is what I would call a forward thinker in the world of social media. He found, that during his teaching, he often didn’t have the answers to the social media questions realtors were asking him. So, he decided to start, along with his business partner, Status Flow. Status Flow makes online marketing easier by developing a social media strategy, launching a customized web space for posting new and engaging content, and takes care of the administrative work of content development and sharing for its clients. As a team, Social Flow Facebooks, blogs, tweets, pins, and they can even make videos if needed. Social Flow proudly generates one-of-a-kind, authentic, engaging, and meaningful content.

Jesse is a young, social media guru, and when I spoke with him, my first question was what mentality should business owners take when speaking to their audience. Jesse shared that no matter what industry you are in, no matter what you company does, sells, or provides, that you should always think of your company as a media company. Business owners should always come from a ‘What can I do for you?’ standpoint. Rule of thumb for business owners and using their various social media platforms, is to give, give, give, then ask. You don’t want your patrons, clients, followers, to feel as though all you are present for is to tell them how they can benefit you.

I asked Jesse what businesses needed to look like in the future, and he said that the world is getting smaller. Metaphorically, the world is smaller because we are able to communicate easily and in most cases, instantly. He went on to say that every business should have a thank you department, a human to add a humanistic touch to the business. A department that sends out birthday cards, who notices the things that are important to their client and thanks them for their business and patronage.

“Use social media them as a place to listen, instead of speaking.”

Listening becomes a feedback loop and both you and the speaker benefit.

For newcomers, the best way to utilize the platforms, Jesse said, is to start with a couple social media platforms, and really understand them. Once you understand how they work, move on from there. Integrate content that has to do with your audience and preplan your content. Know what you will say this time next week and be sure that it is information that is relatable and helpful to your audience.

It was my absolute pleasure to have Jesse on the show and his work and company’s offerings can be found at