Wrap Up of Systemic Systems

By Christina Suter on Jul 20, 2014 at 10:06 AM in Business Issues
Wrap Up of Systemic Systems

Running the systems in your business can be complicated and rewarding but it is worth looking into them.

How do you invoice? How often do you charge your clients? How do clients get your product? How do you handle customer service complaints? The answers to all of those questions reflect your systems. Some of those systems may be invisible to you. The way you handle employee complaints may not have a conscious system; you may handle complaints by immediately talking to that employee or having them fill out a complaint form, and both of those are systems.

Personalize systemic systems for branding. What’s your company’s brand? Does it offer a high level of customer service? Is your systemic system in the way of fulfilling that service? What is your tolerance for getting that system done, what’s your nature? Does your systemic system support that nature? Your branding comes out of your vision. For me, I’m loyal, and my business is a long-term relationship with clients, and getting them clear on what they get from me. What’s the brand, niche, or quality your business delivers to the client and does your systemic system support that?

Write down systems in the area of inventory management, product creation, and product delivery. What’s your customer support system, what are your internal systems, who does your bookkeeping?

Make sure your systems serve your nature. If you’re a talker, talk and hand it over to a writer. Have systems that serve your nature, they will ultimately serve your business and goals.