Could You Be A Better Manager?

By Christina Suter on Sep 04, 2014 at 06:28 AM in Business Issues
Are you a good manager?

I saw a newspaper article that inspired today’s post.

Human Resource News and Insight had an article on their website that gave statistical backing to why people move on from their job. According to the article, most people change jobs because of downsizing and restructuring. In our ever changing world and fragile economy, that makes perfect sense. Second to that though, the article said that 47% of people, just under half, quit their jobs because of ineffective leadership and poor relations with their management. 

“When people they are leave, they aren’t leaving the work or the company, they’re leaving their boss. “

As a small business consultant, I believe that you should be in relationship with your employee. What systems do you have in place when dealing with your employees? How do you respect them? how do you follow up with them? You can offer to pay people lots of money and you can hire the 'right' people, but if you must consider how and whether you relate to them and how you handle them once they’re your employee.

The article listed 4 ways to gain respect of your employees. I've liste them below with my personal insight on the matter.

1. Know the business and your employees’ job. Know what it takes for your employees to get their job done. Listen to what they do and what it took for them to complete their tasks.

2. As a boss, how can u have a better relationship with your employees? Leave the door open when you can. There will be times when you need to get work done or take a meeting or phone call that requires privacy, but for the most part, don't just have an open door policy, actually leave your door open so they feel welcome to come and ask for help if needed.

3. Take an interest in your employees without stepping over boundaries. Care a little, start a conversation regarding something personal to them that is maybe on their desk. Two to three minutes a week to discuss something personal says a lot. You don’t have to respond in kind; they aren’t your friend, but be friendly.

4. Recognize good work. By now, you know that recognizing people for working hard and doing great work is one of the easiest ways to make your employees feel good and continue to work hard.