Systemic Systems and Being a Good-Hearted Owner

By Christina Suter on Sep 11, 2014 at 06:40 AM in Business Issues
Systemic Systems and Being a Good-Hearted Owner

In your business, do you offer a high level of customer service? Is is proportionate to your margins or price point of your products or services? Are you over delivering? Do you offer too much support for a product that isn’t a high cost product? 

Every good-hearted business owner wants to over deliver. But, understand that if you are setting your business to fail when you do so.

You must think about and do what your business needs in order for it to win. What does your business need to have a healthy bottom line? In my opinion, every business should have at the very least a 3-month reserve. Also, be sure that your vision doesn't impede the progress and growth of your business. Don't give away products or offer services for less than they're worth just because you have a vision of being generous. 

I had a client who paid to take her team through training together. She charged her clients less than the general market price for what she offered. Her vision caused her business health to suffer.

I suggest adding that your business winning to your vision. Clients must pay a fair price for a fair product and you must pay employees a fair wage. This way, your business' bottom line remains protected. Add the health of your business to your vision, it will help you to change your systemic systems.

The typical good-hearted business owner is weak on the internals. They know their industry and only their industry. However, they think they can't afford an accountant to take care of their bookkeeping or that they don't have the time to bring someone else on. But, this will fracture your business and cause its bottom line to suffer. Are you weak on taking care of the inner systems in your business?