Introducing Your Brand to Your Customer

By Christina Suter on Jul 16, 2016 at 03:47 PM in Business Issues
Introducing Your Brand to Your Customer

Your brand is a big part of your business. You are your brand; how you choose to introduce people to who you are and what you do? Whether you're a solopreneur, you have a few employees, or a full staff, every one of you represents your brand. 

If you believe your business should have a high level of customer service, that's your brand. If you pump out a lot of product to a lot of people, and offer limited customer service, that is your brand. What is your brand when it comes to customer service? What is the quality level of your product? How do you manage your physical work space? How do you handle your advertising and marketing? 

Branding is a promise, a promise you make to your clients. Luxury brands promise their clients a luxury product, luxury customer service, and a luxury price. A brand like McDonald's however is not a luxury brand, although they do a great job of branding and being consistent. No matter where you are in the country the colors are the same, the service structure is the same, and the food tastes the same. Their brand promises that they will be the McDonald's you've grown up with, no matter where you are. 

Think about the first time you see a Billboard for a new company. Right now there's a Billboard in LA that says, "Don't Wait, Call 8" which is for an injury lawyer. The "Don't Wait" speaks to the urgency of your situation and the "Call 8" is gimmicky and catchy so people can remember it. You expect that business to be responsive and to help you with your injury. 

1. First Contact

How do people first find you or first see your brand? Is it in person at a networking event, is it your website, a blog post, etc.? Then as yourself are you consistent? Are your images consistent with your brand and your mission? If your mission is to transform people's lives, and your only contact with them is a video, it needs to be a very well-done video if you plan to change their life. 

2. Investigation

After the initial Billboard, people will investigate. These days, that means mostly online investigation. Have you put yourself out there? Will people understand your brand and mission?

3. Purchase Process

How much does your product or service cost? is it clear to them and when they compare you to others, what will they find out? For me, my business is a luxury brand. My clients first see me via social media, they investigate further by meeting me at a networking event or reading through my blog. The purchase process for my business would come after an hour conversation with them to confirm that my service is what they need. That is what differs in my business from most. I cost more money, so they want to make sure I will be able to help them.

Each step of the process, for your client, speaks to your brand. Make sure that what you put out there is consistent.