You Are Your Product

By Christina Suter on May 06, 2017 at 10:31 AM in Business Issues
You Are Your Product

When you first had the vision for your product or service, you had all the details for how to deliver that to your clients. You now have a business surrounding your product or service, but those are separate from you. You may sell a physical product and you may offer a service in exchange for payment, but as much as Steve Jobs is what pulls people to Apple, you are the cause for people choosing your product or service. You stewart the customer care, the integrity, the quality of your product; you have defined the product before you created it. 

Your product is your gift and it needs to be shared. Your purpose is tied to your business and therefore, no product or service can exist outside of you. Come forward in your joy, light, and enthusiasm and let go of the idea that sharing what you have is sale-sy. Jesus didn't hesitate to speak or share His message, neither did Buddha and if they weren't willing to share their enlightenment, they wouldn't have had followers; how selfish they would have been to not have shared. You are tasked to do the same, it's your job to share; write down so others can see and read your vision- that's the beginning of marketing. I believe it's your job to make a difference to others on the planet. 

If you have a service, it's your job to create a product out of your service. Your product brings value to others and the world; if your product is actually a service, then you talking, you showing up, your talent is the product. 


In the business world you're encouraged to have an elevator speech, a 60 second explanation about what your business is and does. I refer to that, especially for people whose business is service-based and not product-based, as packaging. I have told the story before about the 3 different times people at my local rotary club meeting asked me what I did and I didn't have a concise or clear and quick way to explain myself. I encourage you to write down a clear statement of what you do and how you will deliver your services so the potential client can clearly and quickly understand the value your product or service brings to them and improves their life.