Marketing- Sales and Strategy Sessions

By Christina Suter on Mar 10, 2018 at 12:18 PM in Business Issues
Marketing- Sales and Strategy Sessions

Strategy sessions (strat sessions) are the primary way I close sales because it's a way of doing high-level face-to-face time with potential new clients. Do you know what it means for your clients to see value in your products? People buy when they can trust you and when they can see value in whatever product or service you are offering them. 

A lot of my knowledge about sales and strategy sessions comes from Lisa Sasevich, a business growth mentor who is toted as the "Queen of Sales Conversion" and Raven, "The talk show maven," my personal mentor. Sales is getting someone to pay for your product and it's getting the permission to make a positive change in their lives. Most of the entrepreneurs I know started a business to improve the lives of others. Without that permission, you can't change people's lives.

I usually use Lamborghini as an example because they sell a high-end product and therefore have to spend a lot of time with their clients. When you're out networking, which is one of the best ways to get face-to-face sales, qualify the person you're speaking with first to find out if they're a good client. Ask them to tell you more about one thing, (their business model, their child, etc) whatever topic you and your business can support them in. When you're clear they should be your client, ask them how soon they need to solve their problem.

I am a real estate investor, (not a real estate agent) I work with people who have capital and give them advice on how to place their capital. I first need to know what they do in real estate so I ask them what they do in real estate. Then I ask them how much they think they have available for their investing so I can qualify that they have money to solve the problem. Then last I ask how soon they want to start investing. I will follow up and ask if they're looking for private support, and I repeat back what I heard them say their pain was using their words. That practice is called reflective listening and it helps the person gain trust in you. You listen for their joy and their pain and how they describe it. You can use that example and personalize them for whatever field you're in. 

Once you define that they should be your client, invite them to chat with you at a later time in private. Tell them you think you can help them and want to further discuss their goal. When you meet with them, you know you can help them. Ask them the following 5 questions to enroll them:

1. What brought you in?

This question gets them sitting back, relaxed, and talking. It's where you again use reflective listening and repeat back what you heard them say in their words. 

2. What is your concern?

They will once again tell you their joy and their pain.

3. What are you hoping for?

This lays out their joy or pain again. Lay them out next to each other so they can hear the gap between the two.

4. How do you think I can help?

This allows them to remain engaged and now that they know you understand the problem and that you can help you have permission to tell them about your product. This is when you tell them about your product.

5. How do you want to pay?

This is how you close a sale. It's not a sale until the money is in the bank. If they want to work with you but they say they don't have the money, don't stop there. Ask them what they can invest today so you can start making the difference in their world. You can then set up a payment plan, they may not be completely sold, which means you need to revisit what their concern is and how you can fix it for them. If they need to check with a spouse first before paying, let them know you will follow up with them by the next day or the day after. Don't allow them to make the follow-up call. 

Don't shy away from this conversation; this will get you high-end clients. Practice the steps with a freind or business partner and challenge yourself to have 5 strategy sessions in the next month.