Spiritual Principles in Business: Marketing

By Christina Suter on Jan 19, 2019 at 11:00 AM in Business Issues
Spiritual Principles in Business: Marketing

Many of you, like myself, are spiritual or conscious-minded business owners and in my experience as a small business consultant, we tend to shy away from the sales and marketing portion of our business because we don't want to feel like sleazy car salesmen.

We've all met a marketing person whose conversation sounds "sales-y" and none of us want to sound like that when trying to inform people of our products or services. Many conscious-minded people don’t want to do sales or they think they aren’t good in that area. Personally, I like to tell people about my product, how my product works, and then leave it for the potential client to figure out whether there is value in my product for them. I work in a linear fashion when it comes to sales.

Not having a strong marketing or branding plan will cause your business to fail.

If your business is a representation of you and your purpose on this planet, or you and your work with God, let me suggest that you not wanting to sell is holding you back. You get nothing by hiding your light. If you hide your greatness or the value of your product, you’re withholding from the world, value and grace, and the capacity to change; you are actually being selfish. If you aren’t yelling from the mountaintops what you’re here to achieve, if you don’t have a marketing plan, you’re hiding your gifts from the world.

Can you rise above your personal hesitations, your personality, and your fear of being seen as a salesperson for the primary purpose that you have something valuable to contribute? If you’re an expert in your field and you’ve spent time becoming an expert, get on the mountaintop and scream; be unselfish.

Some people are hesitant to brand their product or they think it’s something only big businesses do. What you do has a purpose, and branding helps people understand the value of what you do and what you offer. If people were already good at doing business and business management, they wouldn’t come to me for help. If my clients can’t relate to what I’m talking about, I’m blocking them from being able to gain the value of what I do and can do for them. Translate the value you have into the value it brings to customers. You brand and market so that you’re findable and you do it in the language of the people whose needs you’re trying to meet.

Pride vs. Confidence

You know that it’s ok to be an expert in your field and therefore you are confident. Speaking in a language that others understand makes you helpful because people recognize you can help answer their questions. When you use their language, then you don’t have to worry about sounding or being sales-y.


People who are excited about their vision and product are clear, they feel empowered, and when they talk to others, they’re just sharing. State clearly how what you do can improve the lives of others. In the vision is always how it helps other people and that’s how you want to brand your product. So, why not use the words of enrolling and connect how this product creates new empowerment for your client?

People develop trust and affinity for people when they’ve listened to others. When you meet someone, explain what you do and introduce who you are and then turn the conversation to the other person. Ask a question and listen, let them tell their story, and treat them the way you’d want to be treated. It doesn’t mean that you violate your boundaries; you’re an expert in the field, so you know time is required.

Branding and marketing don’t happen overnight so giving them a chance to tell their story gives them a chance to grow trust and buy into the system. Don’t give away everything, just give away tips and tricks, and extend the offer to help them further as a client. Don’t violate their boundaries by stepping into their business without their permission. When they’ve shared their story, tell them you have things that may be helpful and after a tip or two, enroll them in your vision for them, and start creating the change you want for them.