Mary Smith Moore Interviews ME

By Christina Suter on Mar 28, 2015 at 02:01 PM in Business Issues
Mary Smith Moore Interviews ME

For those of you who may not know my story, this week on the 'Christians Destined to Reign' radio show I was interviewed by host Mary Smith Moore. Below is a little of what I discussed while on her show, and it should provide you with my history, perspective, and some personal information. 

I got my start in real estate when my mother fell ill and gave me her house. She titled her home to me because she was in poor health and needed to leave LA, and didn't know what to do with her home. I rented her house out to my Godparents and after 3 yrs they wanted to buy it, so my mother gave me permission to sell it to them. She got healthy again, and I used the money from the sale of the house to buy a condo for my brother and a house for my mom and that kept growing. I took every opportunity as it showed up, to develop and cultivate the assets I was given by my mom. 

Mary asked on my opinion of God and money and I told her that I work with conscious minded small business owners. These are people who are spiritually aware, and it is my belief that God is perfectly happy with us earning money. I think we don't want to get confused, money is viable to us as humans having a physical experience. Earning money is part of protecting our purpose an since our job is to fulfill our purpose, the money gives us the freedom to do that. God is ok with us using and earning money as long as we don't fall in love with the money.

Mary and I discussed the parable about the man who was given a talent and didn't use it and I shared my opinion on that story. I believe that God gave us all at least one talent, maybe it's talking to people, being willing to share our faith, or maybe it's understanding systems and structures inside of business, like me. If you hide that talent, you hide the gift you were given and God instructed us not to hide our light under a bushel. We were all given something specific, and with our nature, our lives, our stories, we fill a specific spot. So for you not to step into that spot and share your gift is to hide from that which you were told to do.

The man that kept the money safe wasn't rewarded because the others had more faith because they took action. 

It takes being brave to steward forward your talents, gifts, and purpose, and to accept the money that allows you to multiply that purpose. When you're willing to take responsibility, to take what you're given to help others, it takes bravery to lead others, to help others. 

"What are some of the common strengths and weaknesses I see in my spiritual clients?"

The strength I see in my conscious and spiritually minded clients is that they believe in a win-win solution. They want others to win and it makes it easy for others to participate and work with them. The flip side of that, the weakness, is that they want to be generous to their employees. Generous to the point where the company doesn't make enough money to stay in business, or they don't bring enough money home for their family and therefore have to surrender their business. 

If you start a company and you make a promise to your customers that you're going to be there for them, it's an act of stewardship to keep the biz running so you can be there for them. It is also the responsibility of you as a business owner to know what you need to charge, to pay your employees, and have enough money for yourself.