J. Massey & Personal Breakthroughs

By Christina Suter on Nov 21, 2015 at 12:34 PM in Real Estate Issues

J. Massey & Personal Breakthroughs

J. Massey is a husband, father, entrepreneur, real estate developer, and investor. He hosts the podcast Cashflow Diary and is a master facilitator.

It was my pleasure to have J. on the radio show and during our discussion about where his first real estate transaction came, he shared the following.

When you go to a networking event, introduce yourself; start with your name, and tell the person to whom you're speaking what you do, and what that means and lastly, ask them what kind of investing they’re looking to do. He said that in essence, you want to give a three second commercial that leads with your solution and not your need. As a result, during his first networking experience, someone told him they wanted to sell and not buy and that led to his first transaction. He matched more people with those who wanted to buy and those who wanted to sell.

J. is a visionary and he admits that he doesn’t need to see the entire staircase in order to move forward. He just sees the first step and when he gets there he takes the next step. He offered this fantastic pearl of wisdom, "You can’t learn and look good at the same time. If we can let go of our addiction to looking good we can learn a lot."

J.'s path to investing wasn't easy, but it was worth it. After he and his wife fell ill and were squatting in bank owned properties, he became crystal clear on what he was fighting for and that helped him be even more determined. He now knows they he and his wife can become the example or the reason that people start trying things. He recognizes that people’s lives depend on it; not just him or his family. He encouraged others to think of all the people who exist in your world, those people looking at you and saying if they haven’t tried, then surely I can’t do it. Think of those people and you can become the reason or excuse for them to step into the greatness that they were born to. Not to mention, when you do your work, you create jobs, if there's something you don't like, you have the power to change it. If real estate is your passion and you think there aren't quality housing options available, you develop higher quality housing. It’s irrelevant whether you’ve done it before.

J. reiterated what I have often said, that you don’t have to do it all yourself. Do only that which you do best and outsource the rest. Whatever it takes, find people who are better at those things than you.

J.'s story was one where he pulled himself up from the bootstraps and he warns that it’s dangerous to hear his story and think you already have that. You may not be homeless or sick or unable to pay your bills, but be mindful that comfort kills dreams. The world needs your genius, your talent, it needs what you’ve created. One of the richest places on the planet is the graveyard because of all the talent that was expressed.

J. finds great fulfillment and value in teaching others; he’s a high accountability type of person so he built something that shows people how to do something and not just teaches them about something. He forces people out of their comfort zone and coaches people who are willing to move at the speed of instruction.

"I’m willing to be the excuse for their greatness." -J. Massey

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